Home Buyer

Buying an older home can have many benefits for you. You can get an amazing amount of square footage at a competitive price, allowing you to purchase your dream home without entirely breaking your budget.

Older homes can come with outdated plumbing or other water issues that you will want to address before you move in. Here are four plumbing issues you shouldn't ignore and should have an expert plumbing company inspect prior to settling in.

Outdated Plumbing

An issue that is common to older homes is outdated plumbing connected to modern parts. This leads to erosion of older (often copper) piping and leakage from fitting different materials of piping together.

Another issue that you may come across is pipe fittings and parts that you can no longer find on the market, which will eventually lead to full replacement of fixtures in your bathroom, kitchen and even basement drainage. To know exactly what you're getting into when buying your older home, have a plumber inspect key areas such as:

  • Bathtub fixtures
  • Plumbing connections in your basement
  • Sink undercarriages

Your plumber can replace copper piping and fittings with PVC, PEX or galvanized pipe to make your plumbing fixtures more reliable and to prevent leaks in the future.

Water Heater

An average water heater can last up to 10 years, depending on what type it is. When you take a look at your home's water heater, you may notice rust along its bottom and other issues that may indicate that it needs to be replaced.

Even a newer water heater can pose an issue when you buy an older home; many people neglect to have this unit drained once a year to prevent sediment build-up. If the older home you have purchased has been vacant for many months and the water within the appliance has not been drained, it may be severely damaged and will need to be serviced or replaced by your plumber.

Slow-Moving Drains

Slow-moving kitchen or bathroom drains are not just annoying. They can also be a sign of a more serious plumbing issue. In an older home, drains can have poor function due to an imposing tree root pinching a water line, debris and mineral build-up in the pipes, or even corrosion of older pipes slowing down water movement.

Before you break out the drain clog remover, call your plumber to inspect your plumbing to see if a larger issue is the cause. They will run a lighted scope down your pipes to identify your plumbing problems and then customize a solution to get your drains moving again.

DIY Repairs

With old homes come lots of odd repairs that previous homeowners have made. Since plumbing can have issues even in newer homes, you can bet that your charming elderly home has had its fair share of DIY repairs that are no longer standing up to the test of time and modern conveniences.

You may notice strange handmade fittings under your sinks, tape wrapped around the water heater, and other unreliable “fixes” that your plumber will have to upgrade. This doesn't mean your plumbing is poor by any means – it just means your home needs a little professional (and updated) TLC.

With the right plumbing repairs, your old and unique house can become move-in ready. Your plumber will be happy to inspect your house's existing plumbing to look for areas that need repairs. The experts at Preferred Plumbing & Drain can set up an appointment with you and can be at your residence quickly if you have a plumbing emergency. With their years of experience in plumbing problems, they can promptly and reliably get your home ready for you to create new memories.