If your home water smells more rotten than fresh, then you may want to give your plumber a call. The problem at hand could be something as simple as a stubborn bacteria-laden clog, or it could be a different, more complex plumbing issue.

When your water smells foul, you are concerned about the welfare of your family. You don't want to bathe, drink, cook with or wash laundry in stinky water. Luckily, a plumber can help. By understanding your home’s water system, you can look out for potential issues and know when to contact a plumber.  Here are some possible reasons why your home water smells bad.

Your Water May Contain Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide is one of the hundreds of chemicals that can be found in your drinking water. Although it smells awful (like rotten eggs), it does not actually make your water unsafe to drink. However, this chemical can cause damage to your underlying plumbing system.

Hydrogen sulfide not only smells obnoxious, it can corrode pipes and cause damage to your water heater. Call your plumber right away so they can help diagnose the cause of the smell. Then, if hydrogen sulfide is the cause, they can work to help eradicate the odor.

You May Have a Stubborn Clog

If the water only smells bad coming out of one faucet, such as just from your bathroom or only your kitchen sink, then a stubborn clog may be to blame for the odor. A clog can smell like anything from strong cheese to general rot, depending on what debris is stuck in the clogged area.

Call your plumber to inspect your pipes where the water seems to smell the worst. In many cases, a quick removal of the clog and cleaning chemicals can get rid of the odor for good.

You May Need to Drain You Water Heater

Your water heater is supposed to filter out minerals and sediment from your water supply so you don't end up with tainted water when you bathe, do dishes or take a shower. Part of keeping your water heater in healthy condition is having your plumber drain the unit regularly.

When your water heater needs to be drained or replaced due to sediment buildup, you will notice your home water getting muddy, turning an odd reddish hue or emitting an almost metallic scent. The minerals caught in the water heater may be bypassing its filtration system and getting into your lines. Call your plumber for diagnosis and treatment of your water heater.

Your Water May Contain Too Much Chlorine

Does your water supply smell more like a local swimming pool or laundromat than fresh drinking water? Too much chlorine, which is responsible for keeping bacteria out of your water supply, can make your home water smell like the chemical. This type of occurrence can happen suddenly, especially if you are on city water that is regulated by health officials.

Your plumber can help you install a filtration system in your home to help remove the excess chlorine. You should also call your city hall to make sure the water is still safe to drink and ensure that the town officials are aware of the seemingly sudden increase of chlorine in your city's water supply.

Your water may carry an odd smell from time to time. Anything can make your home water smell obnoxious and unsavory, so it's important to know what may be causing your immediate problem.

A plumber with emergency services can assist you in addressing your tainted water issue. At Preferred Plumbing & Drain, we want to make sure your plumbing is safe and reliable. Call us with all of your water issues today.