Water Heater Services - Repair & Replace

Water heaters are very much taken for granted – they are responsible for providing your home with hot water for bathing, cooking, doing laundry, washing dishes and cleaning. When they are maintained, they can last up to 12 years.

With the help of Preferred Plumbing & Drain, you can get the maximum use out of your water heater. We make sure that you always have hot water when you need it. We service and install both traditional tanks and tankless water heaters, and we provide emergency services in case your water heater stops working.

Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

There are several maintenance procedures that need to be performed regularly on your water heater to keep it functioning. One of them is maintaining and eventually replacing the metal rod in your tank, which protects the system from rusting. The rod degrades with time and eventually gets to the point where it can no longer prevent rusting.

Sediment buildup can also accumulate inside the storage tank of your water heater and create insulation, interfering with the water heating process by getting in between the water and the burner assembly. Flushing this sediment out makes it so that the system can properly heat the water once more.

We recommend that you have your water heater serviced annually to prevent common, avoidable water heater issues. Many water heaters won't show any signs of problems until they're far progressed, which means you won't know your water heater is at risk for damage until the damage is already done. Your friendly technicians at Preferred Plumbing & Drain are trained to find and fix those problems before they happen to save you money in the future.

Benefits of a New Water Heater

If your water heater is coming to the end of its life, a new water heater is a great way to conserve energy and lower your utility bills. Standard water heaters are more efficient now than they ever have been, and tankless water heaters offer even more savings. Tankless water heaters heat the water as you need it so you're not wasting energy keeping a tank of water hot all day when you aren't at home. Contact us for more information and to discuss the many benefits of upgrading your water heater.

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Not having hot water for bathing and washing dishes due to a broken water heater is a huge inconvenience. Don't resort to showering at the gym or at the neighbor's before work. Call us for emergency plumbing services 24/7. Our experienced technicians will determine what is wrong with the water heater and talk to you about your options for repair or replacement.
Plumber checking the heater control — Water Heater Repair in North Highlands,CA